3D Design Rendering

With the dawn of advanced rendering programs and sophisticated architectural planning tools, many companies are taking advantage of technology to provide their customers with the capacity to visualize their project before construction begins. Novo Design offers advanced 3-D Design Rendering using computer programming. These 3-D visuals aim to give our customers a complete vision of their project, how it will look and fit together with their interior, allowing you to have complete confidence when going forward with the construction process. Our 3-D suite is a modern-day tool which offers considerable benefits in the visualization of your project.



Cost and time wise, you would rather spend as little as possible on your project. With the help of 3-D design technology, you can have an accurate image of your end result. This allows you to change any details during the planning stages, instead of waiting for the completed project. This level of customization allows you to save time and costs that would have been necessary if you had changed your mind or encountered problems during the construction phase.

Complete Visualization

With architectural drawings or design drawings, you are not seeing the full effect of your project and are offered a limited view of the results. 3-D design allows you to have the most realistic idea of your end goal before you sign any contracts or begin construction. It is considerably faster and more accurate to use 3-D rendering to complete a cohesion of your ideas and the architectural design needed for your project.

Enhanced Building Capacity

With the aid of a 3-D model, you can try out ideas in a space where you can see how they end up, instead of trying to explain exactly what you want to designers. This capacity for proper planning allows for quicker, easier planning and testing of ideas, and as a result, better construction capacity.

Better Results

Because you know exactly what the result will look like, you save yourself the time needed to correct problems, re-work designs and imagine new ideas. The realistic planning capacity of 3-D design allows customers to blend our expertise with their ideas seamlessly. During the planning process, we collaborate with our clients, answering any questions, incorporating ideas and design elements according to your individual vision, while offering our expertise and design solutions to bring your ideas to fruition. Novo Design uses this tool to create complete images tailored to our customer’s individual needs and desires, which we then use to make this dream a reality.


The 3-D design process depends on a customer’s input, and how they define their ideas to create a model. With the help of Novo’s designers, you can create an interior in any style, to suit any function. We specialize in making every one of your ideas a possibility. You might still be curious about how 3-D modeling works in the design process. For your benefit, we’ve provided an example of how the 3-D design process works. Below is a project from start to finish, which was modeled using our advanced software: (Insert pictures here)


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